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SEO Copywriting

Put simply, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of helping to make a site become visible on Google (a search engine). If your website is visible on the first few pages of Google, you are more likely to be seen by potential clients, than if it were buried in the back burrows of the inter-pages.

Many people think that SEO is controlled by webmasters and people running the back end of a website. This is simply not true. Webmasters and the back end certainly have their place in helping to create strong SEO for a website. However, if the copy is not doing it's part (which is massive), you're significantly reducing your chances of being seen and heard by Google.

As a Brisbane SEO Copywriter, I undertake ongoing training in best practice SEO Copywriting, and consistently apply these skills to write your web copy. I have a strong understanding of how to specifically research, write, and place key words and phrases, meta descriptions, headings, title tags, alt text and more. This means that in combination with other back end SEO tactics such as link building and site speed, your site is much more likely to be seen by both your target audience and rank well within Google.

Because let's face it: copywriting for the internet (especially your website copy), that hasn't been written by an SEO Copywriter, is pretty pointless. It might be super witty and engaging to your target audience, but it if doesn't tick the boxes and appeal to the great Google Gods, your audience is likely to never see it.

Content writing

Any successful online marketing strategy will include creating value-adding content to attract and appease target audiences. This may be in the form of blog posts, email articles, social media content, course creation, short eBooks, or maybe even a print medium instead of online. Content may be as short as a simple caption or as long as a 2000 word article.

When we work together to create content for your brand, I will ask you one million relevant questions about your business. This will ensure that the content is written in the right style, tone of voice, conveys the right message, and is directed to the right audience.

You might prefer to engage Creative Rebel for a series of content pieces to attract a cheaper rate, or maybe you're after a one-off, one night stand. Whatever it is you're after, if it requires words, I can help. Also, if required (if it's written for the web), SEO writing strategies are included (see above). You're welcome.

Editing & Proofreading

I really love editing and proofreading. I'm sure it's my super talent. Some people are wonderful musicians, some people can draw really well. Me? I find typos and errors in almost everything I read. Lucky me!

You may have written a piece of content such as an article, blog, eBook, your own web copy, created an online course or freebie (for example). I can help check your content for all errors and offer suggestions on readability.

I will do a thorough check of your document for all sorts of wordy things including (but not limited to):
spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency of style, consistency of tense, clarity, structure, and formatting. You will have a professional document that you can be sure will wow your audience.

No job too big or small - it's worth having your copy at least professionally proofread so your audience takes you seriously and can be confident that you know your stuff!

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